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Recall Healing in Israel

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For the fifth time in Israel !! Recall Healing


Following the success of the former courses,

and due to audience's request


Dr. Gilbert Renault, the developer of the "Recall Healing" method– is back in Israel !!!
October 2015 – Tel Aviv university.
Understanding the illness process, and rapid healing through resolving biological conflicts.
For therapists of alternative medicine, therapists, psychologists,  physicians, and patients who would like to understand the mechanism which created their disease.
The body does not make mistakes; an illness is not a fault or an error! Every disease is an evolutionary resolution for a conflict in the life of the human being or the animal.
Every therapist would like to produce a profound treatment, which will also cure the root of the disease. In the recent decades, many scientific researches have been made, which are not related to "alternative medicine"' about the connection between biological conflicts and various diseases.
It turns out that the body itself reacts to conflicts such as: lack of nutriments, territorial threat, abandonment, etc., through a physical manner that might cause a disease.
An example of a biological conflict: As she fears of harm to her cubs (from a certain threat), a female wolf will enlarge her udders in order to produce more milk, to strengthen her cubs.
In the same way a woman, who fears for her son who is recruited to the military service - her way of protecting him, biologically, is to enlarge her milk glands, which will manifest as a benign or cancerous tumor in her breast’s milk glands – breast adenocarcinoma.
For human beings, the term biological conflict does exist, but is not as simple as in animals, and is dependent upon the person's perception of the situation they are involved in. Every development of illness or pain, is the body's reaction to a situation which creates a biological conflict in the person, according to his set of beliefs. Meaning, for the same situation, two different people may develop different conflicts, expressed in different parts of their body. In addition, conflicts may be created in early childhood and also through heredity.
Course participants recommendations

Dr. MeravYogev(Phd in Medical Sciences, Technion, expert in brain science), a Whole medicine therapist, integrating mind and body.
A few months ago I attended a few days' workshop of Recall Healing by Dr. Gilbert Renault. In his fascinating, professional, and intriguing instruction, he taught about the connection between conflicts and biological diseases. I personally found the knowledge I acquired in this workshop very efficient in working with patients
Michal Golan
Tools for practicalspirituality, Theta healing workshops instructor throughout Israel for the past 10 years, senior theta healing therapist, best, polarity, and NLP. In October 2012 I attended a recall healing workshop. I had many objections before I came, since I knew this was a frontal teaching, meaning mainly through listening [to material being taught].But it turned out to be one of the most interesting things I have learned in my life.
The courses fit alternative medicine therapists, physicians, pshychologists and patients who strive to understand their illness. The first course is the introduction course of Recalll healing.
A Theta Healing senior therapist and certification courses (instructor)
The Recall Healing course changed my life and transformed my world view regarding disease and problems in our lives
Among the topics taught:
Breast cancer, Parkinson, skin conditions, digestion tract\system, nervous breakdown, Osteosarcoma, stomach cancer, muscular atrophy, rheumatism, arthritis, joints pathologies, multiple sclerosis (MS) and muscle conditions (myopathy), eyes pathologies, overweight, obesity, anorexia and underweight, MS, ALS, lung diseases, diabetes and hypoglycemia.
The very understanding of the many conflicts, and the disease and healing mechanism, creates healing and very profound liberation among the course's participants, realizations regarding life, and a feeling of awe towards body and nature's wisdom.
The courses fit alternative medicine therapists, physicians, pshychologists and patients who strive to understand their illness. The first course is the introduction course of Recalll healing.
when and where:
A.    Recall Healing 1, Tel Aviv, October 20th-22th, 2015
B.     Recall Healing for children, Tel Aviv, October 25th-27th, 2015
C.     Recall Healing 3, Ramat Gan, October 29st-30th, 2015
d.      Master’s Class - - Ramat Gan,  November 2nd 2015.
Course hours: 9:30-18:00, a one-hour lunch break.
Repetitive attendance
Early Registration
Full Price in NIS
Recall 1
Recall 3
Recall children
An early registration discount until 22.09.13 for all courses
A 100 NIS refund (at the end of the course) for every friend you bring,
All prices including VAT
Up to 3 payments are possible
Checks are not respected
About the course

The course will be taught in English

Paying by Credit Card is possible - up to 3 payments with no interest

Registration fee not returned in case of cancellation: 300 NIS

At the end of the course, a participation certificate will be given by Dr. Gilbert Renaud

In addition, every attendee will receive the detailed course's textbook.

It is also possible to purchase the Recall Healing book, by Gilbert Renaud, for 300 NIS in cash at the day of the event.


Course Registration


You can fill in your contact details, for us to contact you

Edna Zilberman for further questions: 00972 -52-3313888

Sahar for registration and payment: 0097252-3764060

Email: info.shalevclinic@gmail.com

Course syllabus

Will be send by email

:About the lecturer

Dr. Gilbert Renaud, Phd

Is a member of the Scientific Counseling Committee and a Professor in the C.I.M academy, he has more than 30 years' experience as an expert in the holistic health field.

Dr. Gilbert Renaud was trained in "Total Biology" by Dr. ClaudSabbah, France. Renaud has practical experience in Vancouver, Canada, and he teaches Total Biology\Recall Healing throughout North America and Europe.



A link to Dr. Gilbert Renaud's site: http://www.recallhealing.com/

Course's organizing, production, and professional support:

Edna Zilberman – MBA in Biology, Chinese medicine therapist, homeopathy, recall healing, and a Theta Healing instructor.

Elad Shalev – Chinese medicine therapist, Chinese acupuncture in the Balance Method, recall healing therapist and a Theta Healing instructor.





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